New Jersey VegFest: What’s What

Hello vegans, vegetarians and our omnivore friends of New Jersey! This week, we launched early bird ticket sales for the October 2 New Jersey VegFest in Morristown.  We are pretty excited! We have also received a lot of questions, some complaints, requests for discount hotel rooms and about one billion requests to volunteer.

So, wow. It is super gratifying to know that so many people in New Jersey want to come to this event. This post will give some details on the layout of this first ever New Jersey VegFest and what you can expect.

Here’s the details!

Tickets are $39. You can get them at Eventbrite. They are non-refundable, but they are transferrable.

The first 100 people to register before June 11 at 5pm will get Deluxe Amazing Goody Bags full of good stuff. Other people will also get goody bags, but not deluxe amazing ones. Initially we planned a different ticket price after June 11, but after feedback, we have decided not to do this. We really want to encourage people to register early, because honestly it just helps us figure out how freaking awesome we can make this event. 

The Layout. The New Jersey VegFest is currently set up to be all on floor one of the Hyatt in Morristown. We have two ballrooms for vendors, a room for speakers, and two smaller rooms, one to show the movie and another for breakout sessions with local New Jersey people to talk about the cool things they are doing.

The food trucks will be parked outside the Hyatt and with the weather on our side, the musical duo Buntopia will be playing on the patio in front of the Hyatt. The food trucks are are there for anyone walking by or for Cinnamon Snail fanatics whether or not they buy a ticket.

Speakers. The first thing we did is line up some amazing speakers, and all of them are from New Jersey (full disclosure: Jamie Kilstein grew up here, so I think that counts).

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 2.13.14 AM

We also have great panel discussions and breakout sessions in the works, like Yelp food reviewer, Alyson “the HAMMER” D, will be speaking on “Changing New Jersey Food Culture through Yelp Reviews: More than Salad.”

Vendors! Here’s what people want to know for sure! Below you will find the confirmed vendor list, starting with those who have promised to give out samples, so you can plan your New Jersey VegFest strategy. (this list is subject to change, because I have to double check with one or two). We have room for 50-70 vendors, so please pass the application on to anyone you want to see be part of this.

Vendors Giving Out Samples (you can also buy stuff from some of these awesome vendors, but you know, still this list is all about samples)

  • Whole Foods Morristown (our sponsor!)
  • V Marks the Shop
  • Good Karma Cafe
  • Hi-FiBar
  • Big Red House Soups
  • Raw Revolution
  • Bunnoli
  • Nomoo Cookies
  • Mo Green Juice
  • Fourth Creek Foods
  • Shankara Vegan Restaurant & Organic Juice Bar

Other Vendors That Are Still Awesome


  • Grapecat Clothing
  • Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge
  • Peaceful Provisions
  • Dr. Joel Fuhrman
  • Jamie Kilstein
  • Animal Legal Defense Fund
  • Ethos Health
  • Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary

Food Trucks Parked Outside (since we posted this, we have had 2 more vegan food trucks ask to be part of this)

  • Cinnamon Snail (Chef Adam Sobel is one of our speakers and has a table inside, I just have to check on what the deal is, so hold on please)
  • Eat Your Veggies Food Truck

We have more vendors coming in and it is pretty great to see how many vegan businesses from New Jersey will be there. It is pretty clear that is is a New Jersey vegan festival which seems fitting for the Garden State. Of course, we welcome everyone because we like to eat and more vegan stuff is great for all of us.

If you are vendor that wants in, you can find the application right here.  We know that some local businesses can’t make it because they are busy working that day, but we also have a goody bag option if you would like to pass out your menu or a samples or anything else. If you are interested in being a vendor and a sponsor, you can see the details on our website or email

Parking. There is free parking in the parking garage at the Hyatt; the front desk can validate your parking ticket.

Transit. The Morristown train station is a short walk.

Hotel Rooms. We are getting a block of hotel rooms, as soon as I know how people can reserve and the rate, will update.

10590479_880935768591739_2537508333069824212_nRestaurants. We are working with local restaurants and the Hyatt to offer special vegan menus over the weekend. Will update this closer to the event. Morristown Pancake House has amazing tofu scramble though, so you should def try that.

Kids. Well, ok. Here’s something honestly we did not think about, because we have cats instead. The space we have right now is not especially kid friendly and now that we think about it, yeah, kids are freaking great and should be there, but we are still struggling with capacity issues. Going forward to next year, of course we will plan this different, and we are working on trying to fix this, so please remember we are people and you know, really sorry we didn’t get this right.

Volunteers. Whoa! We have received so many requests to volunteer. We have added all of you amazing people to our volunteer list and we will keep you updated on what we need. We also should thank all the people who showed up last fall and have been working getting the word out, asking people to be vendors and making sure this happens, so thanks you guys. You rock.

Morristown. Morristown is a great walkable town. We encourage you to check it out! If you want pointers on anything, like parks, running routes, places to bike, yoga studios, whatever, let us know! We sort of love it here. The Morristown Festival of Books is also happening this same weekend, only on Friday and Saturday and that is a great event. Would love to see the town full of veg friendly readers for sure.

Why $39? Why isn’t this free? We are just regular sort of people with a dream to make this event happen, bring New Jersey veg people, their friends and foodie types together and then send them on their way inspired to make New Jersey more awesome.  We need to cover the cost of putting this event on and be able to make it sustainable. When we are able to get more sponsors, that would make a huge difference in the price.

Other Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Did we try to get Jon and Tracey Stewart?
  • Would we like Cory Booker to show up?
  • What about Peter Dinklage? Isn’t he from Morristown? Have you thought about him?

YES! We would love all of these people to show up, if you can help make that happen, let me know! 


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